Lab 1.5: Useful Apps for Remote Desktop to Ubuntu


This article present a useful app that could remote desktop ubuntu with good quality, this is very useful for wifibot since we can not connect the wifibot with a monitor when it is moving. Traditional SSH is not convenient for cross platform (Mac to Ubuntu or Windows to Ubuntu) and desktop sharing. Therefore, we provide a good user experience with a useful remote desktop app.

Install nomachine app

1. Visit this website using your wifibot. And install nomachine following the instruction.

2. Install the nomachine in your laptop.

3. Set your Ubuntu with automatic login (wifibot only).

4. Make sure your ubuntu will automatically connect to the wifi you use (wifibot only).

5. Enjoy

Now you can visualize the real-time rviz in your laptop, and program your wifibot without connecting a keyboard, a mouse and a monitor to your wifibot.

wifibot serial port setting

This is the first time we access the wifibot, let’s setup some important setting for it.

The wifibot data (odometer, speed, current, IR sensor and control command) from DSP board is transmitted via serial port, the baud rate of DSP is 19200 by default. However, the baud rate of Ubuntu is by default 9600, we have to set the baud rate of Ubuntu to 19200 every time we restart the wifibot. We can write the rc.local so that every time when wifibot restart, it will automatically change the baud rate for Ubuntu.

Type following in terminal to modify the rc.local file:

sudo gedit /etc/init.d/rc.local

Add following line in the last line of the file:

chmod a+rw /dev/tty*

stty -F /dev/ttyS0 19200

Save the file then we do not need to change the baud rate manually anymore when we restart the wifibot.