Class 2013


by  Mukesh Jha & Bijay Neupane

VolunteerFlow is a volunteering domain specific android application which provides platform for people and organizations to publish their donation requirement and the donors to commit to a donation. Further, it is integrated with social networks like Facebook where donors can publish their charity work. It is also integrated with GoogleMapApi, which enables donors to track-down locate other donors or donation event location. This app also incorporates the model to track donation contributed by individual donors. Donors can rate an organization involved in the donation process as per their tracking and feedback from recipients. This will coerce the middle parties to maintain a good reputation by doing good work. Publishing the charitable works of an individual in social networking will inspire other people to donate.


by Attila – Peter Tooth & Fadwa Alseiari

Traditional follow-up on patients with cardiovascular monitoring devices poses significant challenges since it requires a considerable amount of time, specialized human and technical resources. Because prevention is the key to treatment of heart disease, thorough and careful monitoring should be conducted on daily bases. Both patients and doctors require a more efficient monitoring system that can reduce total follow-up costs as well as support doctors’ responsibilities. This project, based on state of the art technologies, proposes an efficient solution for real -time heart rate monitoring with Online medical history, accessible for patients and physicians. HeartBeat is a heart rate monitoring application that integrates Android based mobile devices, web services, and Arduino embedded systems. The application allows users to measure their heart rate regularly, synchronize it to an Online server, which can be consulted from a dedicated Android application or from a web interface.

Facebook Friend Finder

by Bikash Joshi & Prajowal Manandhar

Today, almost every people use smart phones and social networking applications like Facebook with it.  This application collects Facebook users’ mobility data  and send GPS coordinates of user’s current location, which is obtained from  smartphone GPS sensor, to the back-end server. Then, application retrieves information from server, specifying,  who among the current logged-in users are nearby within a particular distance provided by user. Thus, all nearby users of Facebook friend’s list contact within the provided distance gets listed  and then, they can be tracked in a map. Therefore, this application is about taking advantage of Facebook application and therefore, to extend its features in order to track the friends using this extended application ‘Facebook Friend Finder’. For instance, let’s assume, Mark is travelling to new place and he doesn’t have any information regarding whether any of his friends resides in that nearby place or not.  Thus, using this application ‘Facebook Friend Finder’, Mark can search for his friends in the nearest distance and hence, can communicate with them.


by Hayk Baluyan & Puskar Budhathoki

TweetHood is a location based social network that lets you see real-time tweets from anywhere in the world. You can explore your neighborhood of tweets or zoom into any place on the earth! It lets you to see tweet from your neighborhood, People in your classroom, in your dorm, in your office, in the restaurant, maybe from the location you are interested in like Bangkok or Abu Dhabi. It does not only give real time feeling about of conference you wished to be a part of but also gives you the feeling of peoples in certain. TweetHood is the new way of discovering tweets based on where rather than Who.
Most of the people on social networking sites like Twitter are unwilling to specify their locations explicitly due to privacy and security reasons. This creates a need for some android application that mines the location of the users based on the implicit attributes associated with them.

MCM remotely car monitoring system

by Abdulla Almehrezi & Mohammad Al Hashmi

This project presents a vehicle monitoring system that capture, manipulate and deliver vehicle data to Android app as a client. Since transportation contributes tremendously to the energy dilemma and climate change, it attracts more intention in research. To improve transportation system, vehicle’s data, such as geo-location, speed, fuel consumption, other technical data, is required to have further investigation. Herein, this project proposes a vehicle monitoring system using Arduino as a capturing device, Amazon Web Services as a server side and Android app as a client side. Vehicle data is streamed to the Android app in real-time through AWS server. Furthermore, this system is intended to provide more sophisticated services such as monthly and annual reports about vehicle usage. This proposed system is designed, implemented and tested to have a vehicle’s data available in Android device instantaneously. This system shows some promising results in approaching a very smart application that can contribute greatly in the future transportation systems.

Geolocation Project

by Aisha Al Zbeidi & Vahan Babushkin

The application is a social network intended to be used in small communities of individuals to share their geo-locations. The application within the fixed time interval, sends GPS coordinates of userÕs current location, obtained from the smartphone location sensor to back-end server. Server side responds to user, specifying, who of the logged-in users are around. User can see nearby users as markers on the map, and, clicking on each marker can retrieve their personal information (if provided) to determine, whether the selected neighbour is her friend. Clicking on the pop-up box, user can add/remove the selected individual on the list of her friends. The information about each userÕs coordinates at current timestamp, as well as her relationships is stored on the server. The obtained usersÕ mobility data and social network graph, are intended to use for development a model, that basing on a set of extracted mobility features, characterising spatio- temporal proximity and diversity of visits the given location by unique users, allows to predict the relationship between given pair of users at given time interval t. One of the possible applications of this model can be found in the analysis of individualsÕ online and offline social behaviour and in friend recommendation systems.

Peer-to-Peer Marketing

by Fissehaye Girmay

The application enables buyers and sellers to meet directly without the involvement of third party. For example, assume someone wants to sell a house in Dubai for at least 4 million USD. Another one wants to buy a house in Dubai and he has a budget 6 million USD for it.

If both the seller and the buyer have this application installed in their smart phone, they can easily meet with the help of the application as follows.

The seller launches the application and selects SELL from the list of Transaction Types, HOUSE from the list of product types, DUBAI from the list of places. He then enters the price of the product and his phone number. Finally he submits by pressing the SUBMIT button.

Similarly, the buyer launches the application and selects BUY and HOUSE and enters price (for example 6 Million USD) and enters the place where the house should be located. Finally he enters his phone number and presses submit.

Since the two users have matching interests, the application sends a message to the seller that there is a potential buyer who is interested in buying a house in DUBAI. As a means of contact, phone number of the buyer is sent to the seller.

Instant Messaging Application Using Android Mobile System and Cloud Computing

by Aziza Al Sawafi & Aishah Al Yammahi

Instant Messaging has a great impact in enhancing our social habits and communication, and there are an increasing number of people using IM as a primary source of communication.Therefore, we have been motivated to practice and implement Mersal Instant Messaging Application.We named our Instant Messaging application Mersal, as it means in Arabic; the messenger or the message carrier, and it also refers to the female camel that is walking too fast. Mersal application provides several features such as; user registration and authentication, adding new friends by user-name, approving friends requests, messaging with friends, showing on-line and off-line users, and uses notification area when a new message or request is received. The proposed project is to develop an Instant Messaging application using mobile system (Android), cloud computing (AWS), and embedded systems (Arduino). Besides that, we proposed to integrate Mersal application with some other technologies such as; Google Map, Bluetooth, and VoIP. Therefore, Mersal application will not be only for text chatting; it will provide voice chatting, locating friends and it will allow users to know their friend’s location temperature and know who has Mersal application in the surrounding neighborhood area via Bluetooth.

CarPool and CarMonitor Android Application

by Haleimah Abdullah Zeyoudi & Nadyah Obaid

Carpooling is the practice of more than one passenger traveling in a single car. This is a simple way to find friends, classmates, and co-workers going the same way you are, a fun way to get where you need to go. This application connects you with friends, reduce your carbon footprint and save money. Join this application community and enjoy our features, Life is better when you share the ride.