Creating an Excellent Dissertation Presentation

Dissertation writing often comes as a tasking process because of its complex structure and intensive research process. Consequently, you will find most students getting confused by the process to overlook the presentation aspect. However, the dissertation presentation proves essential to the success of your research process. You have to prepare and present a high-quality piece that will score you top marks.

Two types of presentations exist. It includes the mid-research presentation and assessment presentation. The mid-research presentation must be presented to a faculty member’s panel, while an assessment presentation happens later on to assess the student. The latter happens between the student, research supervisor, and the examiner.

So how can you go about creating an outstanding dissertation presentation?

Developing an Outstanding Dissertation Presentation

If you doubt your presentation skills, it could help if you considered the following tips after developing your dissertation.

Aspects to include:

  • Broad topical area. It should include the subject area of the discipline your work falls into.
  • Narrow subject area. You have to determine your specific title within this topic area. It can come as an expanded conversation of the research title.  
  • Relevant and existing studies. You have to incorporate studies already conducted on the specific subject. Additionally, consider the merits and demerits of the studies and how your work will fit in among them.
  • Philosophy and methodology. Determine the methodology you want to implement in your research. Additionally, consider any specific philosophical framework and why the approach can prove brilliant.
  • Project resources. Consider the resource type that you would want to use in completing the project. Also, identifying the sources of the project funding become critical.  Additionally, try and figure out if your project will require had-to-source materials well in advance. 
  • Case studies. It especially applies when you have to conduct your practical, lab research, or fieldwork. How do you pick the projects or cases? What qualifies the picks as the best options for your subject?
  • Research results. It becomes essential to note your research results in detail before relating them with the theoretical framework presented, especially when doing an assessment presentation. After that, you can discuss how the results back or contradict the existing studies.

The best way to Prepare for a Dissertation Presentation

One of the crucial ways of preparing for your presentation entails reviewing your dissertation carefully. It becomes prudent to take notes for every critical decision you make throughout the research process. Try and comprehend the context of the scholarly text contained in your research. Additionally, once you complete the writing process, start creating the PowerPoint presentation you will use in your presentation. Try and make the slides informative but with fewer words. Try and keep the points concise and use images sparingly.

Types of Questions to Adequately Prepare for in Your Dissertation Presentation

Every question asked in any dissertation presentation room aims at testing your knowledge regarding the subject area and the awareness to understand your work’s context. Therefore, prepare well to answer questions that will test your comprehension of the probable project’s criticism. It will also test your ability to defend the project. So remember to cite established research scholars and studies.

Prepare yourself for questions such as the things you can potentially do differently, how your study can get applied within any area in your field, and mechanisms that can help supplement the concepts in the future. It comes as an effective examining tool to assess the research’s originality besides considering the probable impact on your topic area.


Excellent dissertation write-up without the best presentation will result in poor performances. Therefore, you need to understand the nitty-gritty of everything dissertation presentation to succeed in your studies.


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