Class 2015

Smart Plug App

by Amalfi Darusman & Israa Alqassem

SmartPlug is an open-source system that can control household appliances, monitor their energy consumption, and predict future consumption together with estimated costs. The smart plug is built on top of the popular hardware prototyping platform (Arduino), and backed with a cloud computing system that provides detailed consumption analysis as a web service. The cloud serves as a platform for deep data analysis and machine learning on power consumption profiles. We further enable controlling appliances remotely. We note that our smart plug has a lower power consumption profile comparing to other plugs available.

Project website

Urban Sensor App

by Chien Chen & Tao-Hung Chang

The main idea about our project
is to allow users to get the most updated local weather information,temperature and humidity. Most of the websites or mobile apps can only provide the weather information in one big area. Such as Abu Dhabi or Dubai. Our project provides the weather information of the specific locations within the local area. Unlike other websites might use nearby weather information to presume the weather information in your local area. Our data are based on the sensors that we installed in each location, such as the swimming pool, jogging route…etc, and update every 15 minutes. The chosen locations are the most visiting locations in that area.

Project website

Smart Building App

by Vojtech Miksu & Zaid Almahmoud

Our Smart Building Project for Mosques aims to make the monitoring of mosque buildings smarter. We deployed different types of sensors in a mosque building including motion sensors, temperature sensors, CO2 sensors, and contact sensors. We used these sensors to monitor the state of the mosque intelligently. We developed a website and android mobile application which provides features of visualization of the current mosque state as well as historical graphs for displaying statistical data. We also provided features of sharing the visualized data on the various social media.

Project website

Mobile Social Game App

by Wael Alenezi & Nurzhan Naitzhan

Dominatus is an immersive game where you are assigned to one of four clans in Masdar Institute; Sun,Wind,Water or Leaf. The game is taking place in Masdar Institute at moment and you have one goal. Conquer as much areas in Masdar Institute as possible by physically walking around and solving Mastermind puzzles that have been assigned to every area, and bring victory to your clan. You can devise plans with your clan using the global chat system or make friends with players from the other clans using the local chat system. Join the game and prove your skills.

Project website

Smart Vehicle App

by Tesfagabir Meharizghi

SmartVehicle is an android app that that is being developed to collect vehicle data and analyse the fuel efficiency of a vehicle. It captures data from a moving vehicle, uploads to a cloud server and visualizes it. It can also share the resulting charts/graphs to social media.

Project website