Students are encouraged to develop a creative system project. The project is intended to showcase innovative applications using mobile systems, cloud computing and embedded systems.


  • Group Size: 2 students
  • Goal: To develop an innovative application using mobile systems, cloud computing and embedded systems
  • Tasks:
    • System prototype
    • Presentations and demo
    • Project report

Topics of Projects

  • Smart Vehicle App
  • Smart Plug App
  • Smart Building App


  • Finalizing group members: Early Feb
  • Project report due: 2 May
  • Project demos: 2 May


  • Web-based user manual
    • Multi-media are encouraged (e.g. a demonstrating video in Youtube)
  • Documentation of project implementation

Guidelines for project presentations

  • The allocated time for each group is 30 minutes. Each group is required to give a brief presentation followed by a demonstration. However more emphasis should be put on demonstration.
  • Please submit the .apk file, php scripts, and all source codes of your project beforehand along with ncecessary installation instructions.
  • There are two dedicated smartphones for evaluation. Do try to test your app on these phones before demo.